Creative management platform for

Brand storytelling

Amplify your brand stories with more high impact ads, interactive marketing and next-gen blogs.

Storied Interactives

Create, distribute and measure ads and other interactive experiences; amplify your advertising and marketing efforts – all in a fraction of the time and cost.




Responsive ad formats

Responsive, programmatic-friendly ad unit that adapts to custom and IAB ad slots – all in one single tag.

Integrated approach to ads and marketing

Use Storied Interactives for rich media ads, high impact marketing, and as part of a hub of interactive brand stories that rethinks the traditional blog.

Premium ads


Next-gen blogs

Interactive videos

Add interactivity and relevant content to your brand videos. Now users can engage more deeply with your brand – all without leaving the video.


Third party platforms

Leverage reach of third party platforms by automatically transforming Storied-built content into specs of platforms like AMP -- including AMP Stories -- Apple News and more.


Range of experiences

Build bespoke, code-free experiences that can serve an unprecedented range of use cases.

Responsive, rich media, ratio-based, interactive -- one ad tag for your native and/or existing IAB slots

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Responsive ad formats

Longform editorial

Interactive, rich media and custom graphic design for the stories that deserve a richer presentation

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A digital magazine companion for your brand site; now you can post frequently and present content more richly

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Interactive marketing

Leverage SMS, email, and any analog marketing calls-to-action to drive online engagement with your brand

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White papers

Rethink PDFs with interactive, display-tailored, measurable content -- all without losing any of the benefits of PDF

Branded content

Publishers can easily create branded content for brands with easy integrations into your existing CMS

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Display-tailored presentations

A simple URL provides access to rich media decks that are display-tailored, interactive and measurable

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Enrich your content with natively embedded, interactive, display-tailored infographics

Interactive infographics

Interactive videos

Easily transform passive video into an interactive experience that engages users with your brand.

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In good company

Storied Interactives have been created and used by many of the world's leading brands and publishers.

"In Storied we see an exciting path to creating -- in a fraction of the time and cost -- a range of more dynamic content experiences..."

--Craig Perreault EVP, Penske Media

"Storied offers a powerful way to more easily create high impact content ranging from responsive ads to branded content and more."

--Victoria Shobe, VP, Creative, Co-Head, NY Post Studios